Courses for new goat breeders

FACT: Attending one of our day-long courses ensures that the beginning breeder learns enough to understand what he is getting into!

We try to teach, instruct, explain, discourage or encourage - depending on the person involved - without creating unrealistica expectations!

Our goal is to make raising a cashmere goat an adventure - with ambitious goals while keeping your feet planted solidly on the ground!

During the months of April / May /June we do combing and spinning classes, so stay tuned!
For 2021, above and beyond the classes we hold for new breeders, we are planning GOAT CAMP: full immersion in cashmere goats - combing, mid-wifing, learning to hand spin your own fiber!!
During the year we organize one-day 'classes' for those who are contemplating raising Cashmere goats, during which we explain hands-on the organization, procedures, daily chores and everything else the new breeder needs to know before embarking on this new adventure
We find this the best way to thoroughly prepare the new owner to make an informed decision about whether raising Cashmere Goats is what they really ought to be doing!
While it is true that we sell goats, our first goal is to instruct, explain, and teach all we have learned about how to raise these goats, select for fiber quality and transform it into a finished product, and all the secondary activities we can create with our goats! For this reason we do not sell animals to those who have not participated in one of our stages, and we have had the opportunity to meet them personally.

Combing, preparation of fiber samples for analysis, conservation of fiber for transforamtion into a fished product, Uses of the Cashmere Goat Fencing: how, why, what type acording to the terrain and the use intended Shelters: how many, what types, where, what materisl to use Feeding: what, when, how to choose, how to subminister; Medical attention: vaccinations, parassite treatments, obbligatory testing; Choosing your animals: Criteria for selecting, the rational number of goats to raise; Beaurocracy: Breeders' obbligations, permits to obtain, laws to respect Genetic Selection: how, why, what criteria to apply, what results to expect PREDATORS: How to protect your herd from predators using non - lethal predator control (see the WILDLIFE FRIENDLY CERTIFICATE on the home page

Sabato 24 Aprile2021
Domenica 2 Maggio 2021
Sabato 8 Maggio
Sabato 15 Maggio 2021
Sabato 22 Maggio 2021
Sabato 29 Maggio 2021

The groups will be 2-8 persons; we ask that you confirm in writing, specifying the number of people at:

Euro 50,00 x person - includes lunch on us

Special event GOAT CAMP from April - May: COMBING, birthing, hoof trimming, daily chores to do for your cashmere goat........all of our precious kids will be born this season and you can be part of this hands-on once in a lifetime experience!!
Boots or shoes for hiking are suggested when wet!

"BE A SHEPHERD FOR A DAY"....stay tuned for details!
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