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GPS Coordinates: N 43.495305 E 11.38977

Driving instructions for La Penisola from Rome Take the A1 Milano - Napoli in direzione Firenze as far as the VALDARNO exit (the one after Arezzo) - it should take about 2,5 hours from Rome.
After the toll booth turn right and go towards MONTEVARCHI, crossing OVER the autostrada and the Arno River and continuing in the direction of Siena You will go past a roundabout with access to the IPERCOOP (where you can stop to do your shopping - it's open 7 days a week all day). Continue straight ahead towards RADDA IN CHIANTI (if at any point it is not clear, follow either the signs for Montevarchi or Gaiole or Siena) to the BIG round-about, and continue straight in direction of GAIOLE in CHIANTI.
Continue in this direction following the above signs (Gaiole or Siena), passing under the train tracks and then stay on this road for approximately 18 km until you reach the first and only turn off at Badia Coltibuono for RADDA IN CHIANTI to the right.

Follow this road almost all the way to Radda. At 1 km before town there is an AGIP gas station on your right; take the next turnoff after the gas station (there is a new round-about) to your right, and then at the next intersection (20 meters) you will turn right again, in the direction of SELVOLE or ALBOLA (SP72).

From this turnoff it's exactly 600 meters (downhill) to the beginning of our road into the woods on your left (mailbox and goat sign at the beginiing of the road). On the right-hand side of the road directly opposite the entrance to our road ia a stuccoed house and it is the only building you will find on this road -
Driving instructions for La Penisola from Florence Get instructions from your hotel to get to FIRENZE IMPRUNETA (once called Firenze Certosa). Go past the entrance to the Autostrada and take the next right onto the Superstrada for Siena (blue signs with white lettering) as far as the SAN DONATO exit (15-20 minutes). After exiting go left over the bridge towards CASTELLINA, following the signs to Castellina (13 km).

At Castellina turn left towards RADDA IN CHIANTI, following the signs all the way to Radda (8 km). Go through the village of Radda and follow the hill down until you cross a narrow bridge (about 1 km from the town) and continue straight-on, downhill, and slightly to the left, ** following signs for Lucolena or Selvole and immediately afterwards for Montevertine.

**From this point you will go exactly 600 meters on this road to the beginning of our road - a dirt track on your left into the woods, mailbox, dumpster and sign with our goat on it. There is a house directly across the road on your right (the only one on this road). CHECK YOUR SPEDOMETER OR YOU WILL DRIVE RIGHT PAST IT!

GPS Coordinates: N 43.495305 E 11.38977