Adoption Request

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If this adoption is a gift, please specify the complete name and e-mail address of the person who will be receiving the adoption papers

  • La Penisola keeps current records of the animals present on its farm which includes the animals available for adoption. All of the animals on our farm are identified with a microchipped ear tag. A certificate of adoption specifing the animal chosen, its identifiying number and the chosen name will be sent to the adoptive parent including a photogrpah of the animal.
  • La Penisola agrees to notify on a regular basis activities involving the farm and those of the kids in question, either by e-mail or postings on its site. The adoptive family can ask for updates regarding its kid by e-mail, as well as information regarding farm activities, promotions and other farm events, as well as visit the farm during regular visiting hours
  • The cost of adopting a kid or goat is 100,00 Euros per year, payable when the contract is signed.

    At the time of stipulation of the contract, an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE will be issued in PDF where the details of the kid and the adoptive parent will be included, as well as a photograph of the animal chosen and his new name.