What is 'adopt a kid' ?

By adopting a Cashmere kid you will help promote Sustainable Cashmere production and costs related to predator protection; Pastore Abruzzese Guardian Dogs + anti-predator fencing + GPS collars.


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06/10/2019 - Just in time for a photo shoot! Our friend Michelle came along just in time to cuddle this little silver-coated, blue-eyed baby

Together with his siblings, he spent the first three months with his mother, and thne was transferred to the 'boys' section. Believe it or not, a make kid can breed (incuding his mother nad his femae sibings) as early as 3-4 months, so, while the liltle irls get to stay with their moms, the boys are separated before they can get into trouble, and grow up with the other males

.....a real 'mens' club !

At about 12 months, each goat is combed for the first time and we take a fiber sample to test the quality of the cashmere they are producing, and then they become part of out 'breeding' herd - only the best 10% meet the standard!

I think this little guy will be a winner!

983678 - BLOSSOM

04/17/2020 - Like most of our moms, Blossom's mother found herself a niche against a stone wall to give birth to her baby, and the dogs kept watch over both of them until we brought them in for the night

Like all of her siblings this eason, Blossom is a mini-me version of her dad,The Lion King!

Itwill be interesting to see how all of these little beauties develop over the next few months

70700 - BATGIRL

04/24/2020 - I had a much more romantic idea for naming this kid, but her arrival was so FORCEFUL, I figured she needed a different sort of descriotion.....as she was giving birth, her crazy mom started trotting across the ield (followed ny her sisters) and bascially catapulted BATGIRL onto the ground.
Hardly a gentle way to greet the world, but noone was worse for the wear, and not only is she fine, but her little white foot is adorable

Still a wild momma,, though, so I don't get many chances to take good pix. Tak a look at this link to see the whole story


04/19/2020 - Sundance has had a bit of bad luck since he was born on April 19 - first of all, his mom decided to give birth at the very far end of a very big pasture, on a day when a cold wind was blowing down from the mountains. By the time I found her and her baby, he was still wet, and shivering

So, we automatically went into emergency mode: dry him off, warm him up until he's warm enough to eat, and then bottle feed him his first meal of colostrum, to get him going. The next day, his mom unexpectantly died, so the next step in these cases is to keep the baby under a heat lamp so he maintains his core temperature, followed by frequent bottle feedings of fresh goat's milk from another momma

Some babies just hate a bottle, and others are good at 'getting' it early on, so Sundance is now back with his siblings, comes running for his bottle four times a day, and is going to be just fine!


04/01/2020 - What better way to start our ADOPT A KID promotion than with our little bitty girl born just in time for the start of April !

Her coal-black mom decided to give birth on a leafy spot in the woods - near enough to the house and the safety of our guard dogs, and far enough from other animals to have her privacy......exquisite, pure white and just too huggable for words. You'll be abe to follow her antics over the course of this coming year, and when you can finally get back to visit, she'll be all grown up!!

Mother Snow White - PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

05/02/2019 - Phantom of the Opera is my favorite kid this seaosn. Her mom is Snow White, one of our two oldest goats, who died at the age of 16 when Phantom was just two months old

Snow White was one of our origianal white goats, and regularly produced a dark grey kid every year! Phantom is by far the prettiest

Since then she has grown up with her siblings into a BEAUTIFUL grey-haired little girl, absolutely covered with cream colored cashmere......can't wait to comb her this spring!

She'll stay here on the farm for the summer season instead of going to another property for summer pasture she's just too cute to not have her around, so be sure to come a say hello when you re finally able to travel to Tuscany again!!


03/12/2020 - Every goat has a story, but this one beats a lot of them from the get - go !

Sweet Laila last year had a baby that she lost (ie she had discharge form an obvious birth, but we couldn't find and sign of a baby goat).

On the same day one of my CRAZY goats (her name is Wild Thing for a reason) also had a baby which she pretty much abandoned............she was at summer pasture with the other goats for the summer, so after hoursof trying to coax her to acceot her new baby, I reluctantly brought her baby back home, planning to have to bottle feed her until she was old enought to eat by herself

As luck would have it, Laila took her under her wing and made her her own....and we named her ... Vixen

On March 12, THIS year, Laila had ANOTHER baby, assisted by her daughter Vixen, and decided to take care of them both at once, so they have become our extended family: Laila, the single mom, Vixen the adopted baby, and Buttercup, the 'birth' daughter, who seems to be in charge, trotting around with mom and sister trying to keep up!!!!

Stay tuned to follow her as she and her half.sister Vixen, grow up over the coming year!

Mother: Big Mamma - MAMMONA

05/10/2019 -

Mother: Kajal - Snowflake

05/20/2019 -

Mother Bianca Neve - Storm

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983873 - THE LION KING

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